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Terms and Conditions
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1           GENERAL TERMS
1.1       The VREM Ltd. (herein after VREM or the Company) Terms and Conditions (herein after T&C) apply for all bookings made directly or via agents, travel agencies, online sales channels or web pages or in any other way.
1.2         Booking a stay in any VREM Ltd. accommodation implies a full acceptance of the Company’s Terms and Conditions.
1.3       The actual valid T&C are published on the VBL Group’s web page (www.vbl.com.mt) and may be amended or changed at any time without prior notice, at the discretion of VREM Ltd.
1.4         The only valid version of the Company’s T&C is the actually published version on the above web page.
1.5         Guests making any booking for accommodation or services with the Company specifically acknowledge, agree and accept the actual T&C, which apply for all stays, services and bookings, irrespective or the type or category of the accommodation booked or services provided.
1.6         Guests specifically acknowledge that a handwritten signature is not required for the validity and acceptance of this document.
1.7         By making a booking/reservation, Guests acknowledge that they have read and understood the T&C of the Company.
1.8         Guests are obliged to pay the required deposit payment or full price in order to confirm the booking.
1.9         For a confirmed reservation/booking the required full amount of deposit/price must be paid. In case of direct bookings this is the full amount of the stay and any related services, in some specific cases only deposit might be required.
1.10     A booking confirmation will be sent to the email address provided (or via electronic booking channel, if this applies) once the full amount of the required deposit/price/service fee has been transferred to the Company’s account.
1.11     All bookings or reservations are subject to the Company’s approval and acceptance.
1.12     Any booking can be rejected by Company. In case of rejection by the Company, VREM will refund the Guest for the payments made within 8 working days from the Notice of Rejection sent to the Guest.
1.13     Any reservation is only valid if payment has been received by the Company and the reservation has been accepted and confirmed by the Company via a Booking Confirmation email.
1.14     Only payments made via credit/debit card or via bank transfer are acceptable. The accepted credit/debit cards by the Company are listed on the payment section of the website/booking channel.
1.15     Payments are deemed received by the Company on the date they are credited to the Company’s bank account.
1.16     Cancellation by the Guest:
1.16.1    In the case of a cancellation by the Guest, the applicable sales channel refund policies apply. Direct booking amounts done via the Company’s web page are non-refundable. Some third party operated booking channels T&C may set different refund policies. In such case the booking channel T&C applies.
1.16.2    In case of refund due a cancellation fee applies. (Fees are set in Appendix 1.)
1.16.3    The Company recommends for all Guests to take out cancellation/travel insurance to cover the cost of unexpected cancellation, to avoid any extra expenses in case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
1.16.4    If you wish to cancel a stay, please inform us promptly by email, and confirm this with a letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.
1.17     Cancellation by the Company:
1.17.1    VREM would only cancel the Guest’s stay if the accommodation is unavailable for reasons beyond its control. For this purpose any technical reason(s) are considered vis major in respect of this T&C.
1.17.2    In case of such even the Company will, however, make all possible efforts to find and offer the Guest an alternative accommodation of the same category. 
1.17.3    If the alternative accommodation offered by the Company is a higher category additional charges may apply, which will be presented to the Guest in advance, at the earliest possible time.
1.17.4    If offering an alternative accommodation is not possible, or acceptable to the Guest, the Company will refund the Guest the full amount for the stay. In such case no cancelation fee applies.
1.17.5    The Company’s liability would not extend beyond the refund. No other claims, losses or damages can be claimed from the Company or any of its subcontractors or service partners.
1.17.6    If for any reason beyond the control of the Company before the Guest’s departure date it becomes impossible to provide any of the agreed services, as a result of the occurrence of an unpredictable event, the failure by a third party to deliver its services, or a case of force majeure or vis majeure, the Company will inform the Guests as soon as possible. The Guests will then be able to cancel the stay or accept a change. The Gests must let the Company know what he/she have decided within 72 hours (cancellation will entail the immediate refund of all sums already paid, while acceptance of a change will give rise solely to the refund of sums paid in excess, as the case may be).
1.17.7    Please note that this kind of situation, the right to any indemnity is not established.
1.18     Changes to the Bookings/Amendments of Reservations
1.18.1    If the Guest requires to change the dates of the booking/reservation this can be done subject to availability and for an additional Administration Fee (Fees are set in Appendix 1). This option is subject to acceptance by the Company and will depend on the availability of alternative accommodation. Guests must note such change must be arranged in advance, and the Company reserves the right not to accept the change of dates.
1.18.2    A different rate for the amended booking may apply, as rates change depending on season and availability. The revised prices will be quoted in the re-booking offer and shall be accepted by the Guest.
2           PRICES
2.1         Applicable prices and tourist tax
2.1.1        Prices for all stays, accommodations and associated services can be viewed in Appendix 1 to this T&C. 
2.1.2        Prices are set for each category and type of accommodation, and are in Euros, and are regularly amended based on availability and demand. The Company cannot be held responsible for any changes in prices, fees or exchange rates.
2.1.3        Prices indicated are valid at the time of booking. They correspond to one night of stay.
2.1.4        Persons over 18 years are subject to Tourist Tax (currently €0.50 per day).
2.1.5        Prices including tax may be changed if there is an increase in the rate of the taxes included.
2.1.6        Prices are dynamic and change as the demand, occupancy and season goes on. 
2.1.7        Given the above and the active role of Guests in the determination of the prices applicable to their stays, the Company may in no circumstances be held responsible for any difference in prices between two stays booked for the same period.
2.2         Price Reductions – Special Offers
2.2.1        The Company may in certain cases offer price reductions or extra services as part of a special offer. Special offers are only available at the time of booking.
2.2.2        Special offers are subject to certain conditions, particularly availability. It is not possible to combine several price reductions and special offers.
2.2.3        Once customers have received Booking Confirmation or an invoice, they can no longer take advantage of a price reduction.

3.1         Arrival
3.1.1        The accommodation can be occupied from 3 pm. In case of an early arrival the Company will make every effort to reduce the waiting time depending on availabilities. An early check-in can be organised depending on availability if booked in advance (early check-in fees will apply). 
3.1.2        Personal Check-in time is between 3 pm to 5 pm. Any later check-in must be agreed with the Company in advance. Late check in fees might apply (see Appendix 1).
3.1.3        Handover of key       Handover of key is organised on a self check-in basis and detailed instructions to access the accommodation are provided in advance by email to the Guests.      Guests might request a personal check-in and handover of key in person from a member of the team of the Company. In      such case fees will apply. Guests booking taxi/transfer service from the airport will automatically get the    delivery of the key by the driver (although the check-in time remains 3 pm unless early-check has been agreed by all parties)
3.1.4        Customers are asked to provide a deposit of 250 euros on booking/arrival by bank card. This deposit will be secured by pre-authorisation and returned to them following the day they leave, after a comprehensive inventory of the accommodation is completed. The management reserves the right to retain all or part of the deposit if the rented premises are not returned in the conditions they were presented at check-in or if any equipment is missing or damaged. If Guests leave when the Company’s representative is not present, the accommodation will be checked later and the deposit released afterwards. The fact that a deposit is retained does not exclude the payment of additional compensations if costs come to more than this amount of the deposit.
4           DURING YOUR STAY
4.1         The House Rules announced in every accommodation must be followed at all times.
4.2         Smoking is not permitted inside any of the apartments, common areas, corridors, staircases, elevators, including the wooden Maltese balconies. 
4.3         Pets are not allowed in the accommodations.
4.4         The number of people in an accommodation should not exceed the number provided when making a reservation as well as should not exceed the announced capacity of the accommodation. Any changes must be agreed with the company prior to arrival.
4.5         Private parties or any other functions are not allowed in the accommodation. The rental prices charged are for regular domestic use only.
4.6         A penalty will be charged if any of the aforementioned rules 5.3.-5.5 are not followed.
4.7         All Guests are responsible for any disturbance or nuisance caused by people staying with or visiting them.
4.8         The Company reserves the right to refuse access to the accommodation for Guests arriving with more participants than the capacity of the accommodation rented, or to increase the price of the stay.
4.9         Any material change in accommodation, arrangement of furniture, equipment, etc. at the Guests initiative during the stay will be charged as per the announced tariff. (Details are listed in Appendix 1).
4.10      Guest Service Line – the Company provides a Guest Service Line for inquiry and information, which is available to all Guests within office hours, Monday to Friday, 9.00 till 17.00., except Public and national Holidays.
The Guest Service Line number is: +356 271 333 44
4.11     Report of malfunctioning of equipment or broken/missing/damaged inventory or missing items, shall be reported to the Company within 24 hours from arrival.
4.12      The Company would make every reasonable effort to have repairs/replacements made as soon as possible. While every effort will be made to ensure that all the advertised equipment and appliances are in full working order and proper technical conditions at the commencement of a rental period, no reduction of rent, rebate or refund will be issued for a mechanical failure of technical malfunctioning of equipment, such as air conditioning, TV or other appliances.
4.13      Emergency Line – The company provides a 24/7 Emergency Line to all of its Guests. The Emergency Line is to be used only in case of emergency related to the accommodation, such as any major default or issue related to the property, flooding, security issues or similar major emergency problem. The Emergency Line is available to all guests and should be used only in case of emergency. Issues of non-emergency nature, queries, tourist information, and requests for extra services, or similar are deemed to be non-emergency issues and therefore shall be addressed during office hours on the Guest Service Line or an extra charge will be applied.
The use of the Emergency Line Number in case which are deemed not emergency shall incurred and extra service charge as per the details listed in Appendix 1.
4.14     Guests must switch off all electricity consumers (A/C, fans, hobs, TV, etc.) when they are not needed or when they leave the apartment. When leaving the accommodation, all windows and external doors must be closed and properly locked. Random checks may be carried out by the Company and Guests who do not comply with these requirements will be charged extra fee (see Appendix one for details). The Company will assume no responsibility for any damages, theft or other issues resulting from non-complying with these requirements.
4.15     Normal usage of hot and cold water, electricity and Internet are included in the price of rental. The utility meters are checked after every departure and where usage has significantly exceeded the average historic amount recorded for the property extra charges shall apply. To avoid this, please make sure to switch off the air conditioning when leaving the apartment. 
4.16      The Island of Malta is one of the World’s 10th most populated islands which do not have natural water resource. Water is a scarce and very expensive resource. Still, the Company makes all efforts to provide unlimited supply and use of all modern amenities to its Guests. 
Please use water responsibly!
5.1   The Company declares that it has no responsibility in the unexpected event of loss, theft or damage of any personal property, belongings or equipment in any of our residences, whether in lodgings, public/private car parks or communal areas. The Company thus declines any responsibility in the event of theft, loss, fire, bad weather, flooding, etc., or in the event of any incident.
5.2   The Company has also no responsibility regarding any Guest valuables, personal belongings or objects for personal or professional use, or any items left in any of the Company operated properties, including the left-luggage areas, lockers, safes or any other areas operated by the Company. The Company advises its Guests to have proper insurance covering their belongings and valuables during their stay. Guests shall contact their respective Insurance Company to ensure they have proper insurance or obtain an extension of their personal cover during their stay.
6           DEPARTURE
6.1         The rented accommodation must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure.
6.2         A later check-out can be arranged with the Company, subject to availability and applicable fee. The check-out option, however, cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the apartment’s availability.
6.3         The late checkout option allows the Guests to stay in their holiday rental after the regular check-out time of 10 am, provided that a reservation has been made and the applicable fee has been paid, in advance (depending on availability).
6.4         In case the accommodation is not vacated by the set time of departure as per 8.1. above, and there is no pre-arranged and agreed late-departure, an additional fee applies (see Appendix 1 for details).
6.5         The Company reserves the right to charge the Guests for any missing or broken equipment, damages and breakages, lost keys, missing inventory items, excessive (extra) cleaning, any unpaid services or expenses and loss of income relating to any damages resulting from the use of the accommodation during the stay of the Guests.
6.6         Guests must pay compensation for any missing or broken inventory/equipment that has been lost, broken or damaged, together with any damage to the premises caused during the stay.
6.7         The deposit will be refunded/released at the end of the stay, after any compensation has been duly deducted for any damage noted during the end-of-stay inventory.
6.8         The fact that a deposit (partly or in full) is returned/released does not exclude the payment of any additional costs, replacement charges and compensation.
6.9        In case the amount of the deposit is not sufficient to cover the damages/losses the Company reserves its right to claim the balance form the Client.
7.1  Reduced mobility: It should be noted that the Company’s accommodations are located in a UNESCO World Heritage city and accommodation houses – although upgraded to meet modern time’s needs - are typically a few hundred-year-old buildings. As such, these are not always suitable for those with reduced mobility or special needs. However, the Company operates certain accommodation units which infrastructure and facilities are suitable for people with reduced mobility.
7.2  Property descriptions are deemed to be detailed and accurate, however, Guests shall contact the Company PRIOR to their booking/reservation being completed, with any specific questions or needs. After bookings/reservations are confirmed, the Company undertakes no responsibility for any issues related to Guests special needs, requirements or reduced mobility.
7.3    Any bookings/reservations for rented accommodation are made on a strictly personal basis. Guests may under no circumstances sublet or transfer their booking without the prior written consent of the Company. 
7.4         Unless otherwise agreed, children under age of 18 years must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians at all times. 
7.5         Any photograph, text and other materials provided on advertising websites, other websites, and brochures are for information purposes only and may vary from those advertised or the actual conditions.
7.6         Accommodation equipment list is for information purposes only and may vary. There is no guarantee that all listed equipment will be provided. However, the Company will make all possible effort to secure the listed equipment to the highest level possible and Client’s satisfaction.
7.7         Any accommodation provided by VREM is generally equipped with water heater, kitchenware, TV, etc. This equipment is for personal use only and cannot be taken away from the accommodation.
7.8         Bed sheets and towels will also be provided for the number of persons indicated for the accommodation. These are the property of the Company and cannot be removed from the accommodation, not even temporarily.
7.9         Cleaning during the stay is the responsibility of the Guest. However, if extra cleaning services are requested, the Company will gladly provide it. A charge will apply (for details see Appendix 1). Extra cleaning service must be pre-arranged and agreed with the Company in advance.
8           LIABILITY
8.1         By completing a booking with us, a Guest acknowledges that he accepts and agrees to the Company’s T&C.
8.2         The Company is responsible for the proper delivery of services and obligations arising from the contract. However, the Company is exonerated from responsibility if the non-execution or incomplete performance of the contract can be attributed either to the Guest, to the unpredictable and uncontrollable act of any third party or is unconnected with the services stipulated in the contract, including the case of force majeure. The Company is not liable for anything beyond what is stated in these T&C.
8.3         In accordance with local law, the Company undertakes to ensure that its services comply with current legal requirements. While the Company tries to provide services to the highest standard possible and it aims to deliver services such as the air-conditioning, internet, cable TV, water and electricity, and so on continuous and sustainable basis, the Company cannot be held responsible for any shortcoming loss or failure, due malfunctioning or temporary unavailability of such services, as it depends on other service providers which are beyond the Company’s control.
8.4          Guests expressly acknowledge that the Company cannot be held responsible for the communication by its partners or any third parties of any false information indicated in the various Guest information documents or brochures or websites concerning the services and sites, including presentation photos, descriptions, activities, leisure facilities, and operating dates. All photos and texts used in the Company’s information materials, brochures or websites are for information purposes only. 
8.5          It may happen that certain services or activities and installations offered by the Company or other service providers, indicated on the website or in a brochure description, are cancelled or temporarily unavailable, for reasons linked with technical availability, the climate or an event of force majeure.
8.6         The Company shall not be held accountable for any misinterpretation or misunderstanding about the T&C or the description of accommodations themselves and our cancellation policy will apply.
8.7         Guests represent, warrant, acknowledge and agree that they will use the property and its facilities in accordance with the T&C and conditions provided thereof.
8.8         The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise as a consequence of the Guest’s use of the apartment, including, without limitation, damages, insurance, and losses as the result of a fire, flooding, robbery or any other criminal behaviour. 
8.9         The Company shall not be liable for any injuries of the Guest caused by equipment of the apartment. 
8.10      Furthermore, Guest accepts full responsibility for the use of the property and agrees to compensate for any damage caused by their behaviours, misuse, or any person they have provided access to the accommodation.
9           COMPLAINTS
9.1         A complaint service is available to Guests to express any dissatisfaction regarding their stay.
9.2       Complaints are only accepted in writing via email to customercare@vbl.com.mt or in a letter addressed to the Company’s office address or via the end-of-stay satisfaction survey. The Company will do its best to respond upon examination of the issue in due course, however, it should be noted that sometimes a response to a complaint may take longer due to the process of examination or staff workload.
9.3         Anonymous complaints are not reviewed or considered by the Company.
9.4         Any complaint related to the accommodation, equipment, facilities must be received within 24 hours from arrival or from the moment the issue has arisen. Complaints received later cannot be considered.
10.1     The data protection policy and the related Company procedures comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
10.2     Any data or information provided by the Guest upon booking will be held by the Company as confidential and will be safeguarded under the applicable rules and laws.
10.3     The Company does not share Guests’ details or personal information with third parties, except cases of the agreed business terms require this (eg when purchasing third party services), or cases where obliged by law or a relevant court order. In such cases the Company has no obligation to inform the guest of any queries.
10.4     Personal data and informational provided by the Guests in the course of booking or their stay only be used in relation to provide the services agreed or for improving the Guest satisfaction or in relation with the services provided.
10.5     By making a booking/reservation the Guests also agreed and acknowledged that the data they have provided to the Company will used for the above described purposes.
11.1     As previously indicated, customers can book stays online via the Company website www.vbl.com.mt. Notwithstanding the rightful application of the previous clauses of the general T&C to any booking, whatever its form, the technical procedures for online booking are further explained and detailed here. 
11.2     Guests may decide to make an online booking, according to the availability and price applicable. They can also choose several optional services. Online booking is carried out in several stages, enabling Guests to check that their accommodation and services chosen meet their preferences. A booking for accommodation and service with the Company will only be valid, if customers have clearly identified themselves and have provided proper details and information. In case the provided Guest information is incomplete or incorrect, the Company reserves the right to cancel any booking/reservation at any time.
11.3     The final confirmation of a booking allows Guests to check and confirm that the booking/reservation submitted meets all requirements. By making a booking/reservations Guests specifically agree and accept these T&C, prior to make any payment of the fees and costs required. 
11.4     Following confirmation of the online booking/reservations stages and payment being made by the Guests and received by the Company, VREM will confirm the booking through a Booking Confirmation email. 
11.5     The booking is considered confirmed once Guests have received the Booking Confirmation email. This confirmation is deemed to mark the signature date and represents a contract of sale of services with effective date of the Booking Confirmation email and it also indicated the date on which these T&C have been fully agreed, acknowledged and accepted by the Guest.


By signing this Agreement, the Lessee declares that is aware of the relevant Maltese laws and regulations related to leased premisses, and undertakes to follow and obey them at all times.The Lessee is the SOLE responsible for obeying and following all such rules and regulations of the Maltese government or relevant authorities, as they might be applicable from time to time, and related to health and safety, COVID restrictions, and any other matter.


Terms and Conditions - Appendix 1
Fees and Prices
(Effective as of:  26.5.2018)
Cancellation fee in case of no-refund
Free of Charge
Cancellation fee in case of refund applied
Air-conditioning (in selected units only)
Free of charge
Personal supported Check in with office hours (9.00-17.00) 
Free of charge
Personal supported late check in (outside office hours, 17.00 - 22.00)
Personal supported late check in (outside office hours, 22.00 - 00.00)
Self-service check in 
Free of charge 
Cleaning fee + Welcome pack
(Bottle of water, coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, Bath & Shampoo Gel, Body Lotion, toiletries
Free of charge
Cable TV
Free of charge
Early check-in   (depending on the availability)
Late check-out (depending on the availability) 
€20 per hour 
€20 per hour
Day time luggage storage (available within office hours)
€5 per piece
Overnight luggage storage (charged for each piece of luggage)
€10 per piece
Misuse of Emergency Line – e.g. call placed to Emergency Phone Line for none emergency issues, outside of office hours
Personal emergency assistance after standard working hours
(Fee is waived if the company is directly responsible for the inconvenience)
Extra Full Cleaning
Extra linen change + towel change
Extra blanket, per piece
€5 per stay
Hair dryer
on request
Extra heater per piece 
€10 per day
Rotating fan (extra)
€5 per day
Lost key replacement charge
Baby cot
€5 per day
Sofa bed 
€15 per stay
Change of furniture layout or rearrangement of interior
Penalty for breaking of rules under 5.4-5.6
Package Services:
Taxi Transfer and Check in Service 
Departure taxi to the airport
Arrival package (breakfast package + taxi)
Minibus transport for more than 5 ppl 
Starting from €35
Car Hire
Price on request
Price on request 
Water and Soft drink package
In room breakfast preparation
Wine package
Penalty for smoking
Electrical adapter
€6 purchase
Laundry Service (Wash & Dry
€15/ per washing machine load (5kg) 
Continental Breakfast at Is Suq Tal Belt
€8.00 per breakfast voucher
Locker/ Dormitory accommodation  
Towel/ Dormitory accommodation
Locker + Towel Package/ Dormitory accommodation 


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