Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply, in their entirety, to the legal relationship that is established between VREM Limited, operating as Valletta Boutique Living (VBL), and any Guest using its services, whether in whole or in part and are intended to regulate the relative respective rights and obligations of both parties.

n  General conditions (3.0–3.32) apply for all bookings made directly or via agents, travel agencies or web pages.

n  The  full Terms and Conditions apply (1.0–3.32) apply for all direct bookings

n  Booking a stay in any VREM accommodation implies a full acceptance of VREM Ltd’s Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as  T&C).

n  The present T&C are announced on the VBL web page (www.vbl.com.mt) and may be amended or changed at any time without prior notice and at the discretion of VBL. Guests acknowledge and accept that they are required to access the said web page on a regular basis in order to keep abreast with any such amendments or changes and will in any event always be presumed to have been so updated as and when any such amendments and changes..

n  Guests making a booking acknowledge and accept the actual and then-applicable T&C, which apply for all stays as stipulated herein, and also acknowledge that a handwritten signature is not required for the validity of this document.

n  By making a booking a Guest acknowledges that they have read and understood the services, T&C offered by VREM Ltd.


1.1   A minimum deposit equivalent to 50% of the full amount for the stay must be paid at the time of reservation for direct bookings. Payment terms may vary depending on booking channel and intermediary conditions. A booking confirmation will be sent to the email address provided, once the full amount has been successfully credited  to the VREM Ltd.  account.

1.2   All bookings, irrespective of any relative payment received, are subject to VREM Ltd.’s approval and acceptance

1.3   Any booking can be rejected by VREM Ltd. at its sole discretion. In case of rejection VREM Ltd. will refund the Guest the prepayment within eight (8) days from the notice of rejection.

1.4   Without exception, any reservation is only valid if accepted and confirmed by VREM Ltd. via a booking confirmation email in terms of para. 1.2 above.

1.5   Only payments made via credit/debit card or via bank transfer are acceptable.

1.6   All rates are inclusive of 7% Value Added Tax chargeable in Malta for holiday accommodation.

Eco-Tax levied at fifty Cents (€0.50) per bed night booked (for guests over 18 years of age only), up to a maximum of five Euro (€5.00) per booking, is not included in the daily rates and will be charged on every booking.



2.1   In the case of a cancellation by the Guest for any reason whatsoever the amount paid is non-refundable. However, VREM Ltd. will make all reasonable efforts to re-let the apartment for the same  period. In case such efforts prove to be successful,  VREM Ltd. will refund fifty per cent (50%) of the amount paid by the Guest less the sum of twenty Euro (€20) which will be retained as a cancellation fee.


2.2   In any event in which  the Guest requires to change dates of the booking VREM Ltd. will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate such a request, provided that this will  be at all times strictly  subject to availability and the payment of additional charges should relocation involve a change of rates.  The Guest hereby acknowledges that any such request is to be submitted reasonably in advance and VREM Ltd.’s Rental Manager reserves the right not to accept the change of dates. The Guest hereby also acknowledges that a different rate to that applicable at the time of the original booking may be applicable at the time of  the re-booking  as the said applicable rates are liable to  change depending on season and availability. The revised prices will be quoted in the re-booking offer.


2.3   VREM Ltd. would only cancel the Guest’s stay if the accommodation was or became at any time unavailable for reasons beyond its control, which are  of their nature classifiable as force majeure which, for the avoidance of any misunderstanding, includes also  any technical reason . VREM Ltd. would, however, make all reasonable  effort to find and offer the Guest an alternative accommodation of the same category. If accommodation which VREM Ltd.  offered is a higher category additional charges may apply, which will be presented  to the Guest in advance, at the earliest possible time. If offering an alternative accommodation is not possible, or acceptable to the Guest, VREM Ltd. will refund the Guest the full amount for the stay. The Guest and VREM Ltd. hereby specifically agree that the  liability of VREM Ltd. in any such occurrence will  not, under any circumstance and in the strictest of terms, extend beyond the payment of such refund. The Guest hereby expressly and specifically acknowledges and accepts that no other claims, losses or damages of whatever nature, whether real or personal, actual or moral, can or may be claimed from VREM Ltd. or any of its subcontractors or service partners in respect of such occurrence and, for all intents and purposes, the Guest hereby unconditionally renounces to any right of action that may in any event be available to him under any law in regard to any such action.





3.1   The accommodation can be occupied from 14:00. In the case of an early arrival VREM Ltd. makes all effort to reduce the waiting time. However, the possibility of an earlier check-in cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the accommodation’s availability.

3.2   Check-in time is between 14:00 to 18:00. Any later check-in must be reported to the Rental Manager and agreed by the Rental Manager in advance. For arrivals after 18:00 it is recommended that Guest book an arrival airport transfer at a charge of twenty-five Euro (€25) for up to 4 persons from the airport to the accommodation.

3.3   In case of a no show without prior notice, the apartment will be retained for the booked gust for 24 hours from advised arrival time or 12:00 on the day following arrival date, whichever occurs the earliest, after which VREM Ltd reserves the right to re-book the apartment without refund or replacement.



3.4   An apartment should be vacated by not later than 10:00. on the agreed departure day. A later check-out may be arranged with the Rental Manager provided that the Guest accepts and acknowledges that such arrangement cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the apartment’s availability. Charges may apply.

3.5   For a later departure which was not pre-arranged and agreed by the Rental Manager a surcharge of two hundred Euro (€200) may, at the sole discretion of VREM Ltd., be applied. The application of this surcharge shall be without prejudice to any additional action, including but not limited to action for damages due to illegal occupation, that may be available to VREM Ltd. in terms of any law.



3.6     The VBL House Rules announced in every VREM Ltd. accommodation must be obeyed at all time.

3.7     Smoking is not permitted inside any of VREM Ltd. accommodation. Smoking is allowed only on the open balconies and terraces (excluding Maltese closed wooden balconies).

3.8     Pets are not allowed in VREM Ltd. accommodations.

3.9     The number of people in an accommodation should not exceed the number provided when making a reservation as well as should not exceed the announced capacity of the accommodation. Any changes must be reported to the Rental Manager immediately.

3.10   Parties and functions are not allowed in the apartments. The rental price charged is for regular domestic use only.

3.11   A penalty of five hundred Euro (€500) will be charged if any of the aforementioned rules (3.5–3.9) are broken.



3.12  The Guest must report any inoperative or defective equipment to the Rental Manager immediately by calling

+356 7748 1059

The Rental Manager will make every reasonable effort to have repairs made as soon as possible. While every attempt will be made to ensure that all the advertised equipment and appliances are in working order at the commencement of a rental period, no reduction of rent, rebate, or refund will be issued for a mechanical failure of air conditioning, TV or other appliances. Extra charges as listed in the House Manual may apply for service calls outside normal working hours which are Mondays to Fridays, between 09:00 and 17:00.

3.13  Normal usage of water, electricity and the Internet are included in the price. The utility meters are checked after every departure and where usage has significantly exceeded the average amount, extra charges may apply. To avoid such expense please make sure to switch off air conditioning when leaving the apartment.

3.14  We are on an island please use water responsibly!



3.15  By making a booking a Guest acknowledges that VREM Ltd. is not liable for anything beyond what is expressly and specifically stated in the T&C.

3.16  While VREM Ltd. will make reasonable efforts to provide services such as the internet, cable TV and so on, VREM Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any loss or failure of the services occurring as a consequence of any failing of the relative service providers.

3.17  VREM Ltd also reserves the right to charge Guests for missing or broken equipment, all damages and breakages, lost keys, missing items, extra cleaning, unpaid expenses and loss of income relating to any damages.


The Guest hereby agrees and acknowledges that VREM Ltd. will not be held accountable for any misinterpretation or misunderstanding about the T&C or the description of accommodations themselves and that in any such event the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy referred to herein will apply solely


3.18  The Guest represents, warrants, acknowledges and agrees with VREM Ltd. that Guests will use the property and its facilities in accordance with the T&C and the information provided.

3.19The Guest agrees and acknowledges that VREM Ltd. shall not under any circumstance be held liable for any direct or indirect damage of whatever nature that may arise as a consequence of the use of the apartment by the Guest and/or by any third party allowed into the apartment by the Guest (whether authorized in terms of these T&C or otherwise), including, without limitation, damages (whether real or personal, actual or moral), insurance-related costs, and losses as the result of a fire; flooding; breakages; losses; robbery or any other criminal, illegal and/or irresponsible behaviour. VREM Ltd. shall not be liable for any injuries of the Guest and/or by any third party allowed into the apartment by the Guest (whether authorized in terms of these T&C or otherwise), caused by equipment of the apartment.

3.20  Furthermore, the Guest accepts full responsibility for the use of the apartment and agrees to compensate for any damage caused by their behaviour, misuse, or any person they have provided or allowed access to the accommodation.

3.21  The term “apartment” includes, as and where reasonably applicable, the common parts of the block in which such apartment is situated.


3.1 Any photographs, text and other materials provided on advertising websites, other websites, and brochures are for information purposes only and the apartment may vary from such photographs, text or other materials as those advertised.

3.2     Equipment list is for information purposes only and may vary. There is no guarantee that all listed equipment will be provided. However, VBL will make all possible effort to secure the listed equipment to the highest level possible.

3.3     Any accommodation provided by VREM Ltd. is generally equipped with kettle, TV etc. This equipment is for personal use and cannot be taken away from the accommodation under any circumstance.

3.4     Bed sheets and towels will also be provided for the number of persons indicated for the accommodation. These are the property of VREM Ltd. and cannot be removed from the apartment.

3.5     Cleaning during the stay is the responsibility of the Guest. However if extra cleaning services are requested these can be provided at the charges shown in the price list found in the House Manual. Extra cleaning service must be pre-arranged and agreed by the Rental Manager in advance.

3.6     Accessibility: As VREM Ltd. properties are exclusively located in historic buildings special needs access  and/or special needs facilities  are not always possible in all properties. Please consult with VREM Ltd. prior to booking in case such service is required.



3.7     VREM Ltd. office hours are from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Public Holidays and weekends upon only by prior agreement.

Outside of office hours, in case of emergency please call:

+356 774 810 59


3.8    Complaints are only accepted if presented in a timely manner and if made in writing via email to customercare@vbl.com.mt or in a letter to the VREM Ltd oFfice address below. VREM Ltd. will do its best to respond upon examination of the issue in due course, however, it should be noted that sometimes a response to a complaint may take longer due to the process of examination or staff workload.

3.9    Anonymous complaints are not reviewed or considered by VREM Ltd.

3.10  Any complaints must be received by VREM Ltd. no later than one week after the last day of the stay.



3.11   Any data provided by the Guest upon booking will be held by VREM Ltd. as confidential and might be safeguarded for indefinite time. VREM Ltd. does not share your details or personal information with third parties, except cases where obliged to do so by law or by a relevant court order. In such cases VREM Ltd. has no obligation to inform the guest of any queries it would have received and the Guest hereby fully accepts and acknowledges that VREM Ltd. is required to respond to any such queries without any prior advice to and without requiring the consent of the Guest.

3.12   VREM Ltd. reserves the right to send emails or information to its guest, unless the opposite is specifically requested by the Guest. This can be requested via email to customercare@vbl.com.mt




3.13   The Guest accepts and acknowledges that any services that he/ she may require and request and which may be provided to him by VREM Ltd. in addition to the actual accommodation in terms of the T&C, including but not limited to car rental; taxi services; meal vouchers; tickets for performing arts events and tours, are so provided by third party service providers and not by VREM Ltd. directly. For the avoidance of any misunderstanding and/or misinterpretation, the Parties hereto specifically agree and the Guest accordingly accepts and acknowledges that the role of VREM Ltd. in the conveyance of such services is limited to that of a facilitator for the benefit and convenience of the Guest, and that the performance of any and all such services by any such third party service providers shall be strictly in terms of an agreement and/or arrangement solely and exclusively between the Guest and the service providers. In consequence thereof, VREM Ltd. may not, directly or indirectly and under any circumstance be held liable for anything connected with and/or arising from the performance of such services by the said third party service providers and any act or omission of the said third party service providers, their employees, officers or other representatives.


VBL positions itself as the prime provider of short-let accommodation in Valletta. All our efforts are there to provide best practices and full customer satisfaction.